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First look: Google Home's upcoming 'Favorites' widget on Android

Google is gearing up to enhance the functionality of its Google Home app on Android with a new addition: the “Favorites” widget. We caught a glimpse of it earlier this month during Google’s I/O presentation, alongside the company’s ambitious plans for Gemini AI and the upcoming Android 15.

Now, we have our first look at this Material You widget. The widget was first reported in an unofficial Google News Telegram channel, giving us an early peek into its functionality.

The Favorites widget aims

Pixel 8's magic impresses iPhone's parents in the latest Google ad

Google’s marketing for the Pixel series often flies under the radar, but one campaign that has consistently delighted audiences is its ongoing #BestPhoneForever series. These commercials highlight the camaraderie between Pixel and iPhone, eventually ending up showcasing a unique Pixel feature not found on iPhones. The most recent ads in the series have featured the Pixel’s Circle to Search and Magic Editor capabilities.

In this newest episode, aptly titled “Family Dynamics,” we meet iPhone’s pa

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 leak confirms a not-so-great battery upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 is nearing its launch, and as expected, leaks have started pouring in, shedding light on key specifications, including an upgrade in battery capacity.

First spotted by MySmartPrice, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 has surfaced in the FCC database. Listed under the model number SM-F741U, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is confirmed to feature dual-cell batteries with model numbers EB-BF741ABY and EB-BF742ABY.

PSI certification further confirms that these batteries will have rated capacities

Kenyan tech workers call out US Big Tech for 'modern-day slavery'

In a significant move, 97 African tech workers involved in AI training and content moderation for major US corporations like Meta and OpenAI have addressed an open letter to President Biden. The letter, published on 22 May, accuses these companies of “systemic abuse and exploitation” of African workers and calls for urgent intervention.

The letter, first reported by Wired, was also cc’d to US Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai. It coincides with Kenyan President William Ruto’s visit

YouTube Music's new search feature lets you hum to find songs

YouTube Music‘s latest feature, hum-to-search, is here to rescue us from the torment of the forgotten song. This innovative feature allows users to identify songs by humming, singing, or playing the melody. It was initially tested as part of an experiment on YouTube and is now being rolled out to YouTube Music users on Android. (h/t: 9to5Google)

To access the hum-to-search feature, users can tap on the magnifying glass search icon in the top-right corner of the YouTube Music app. Alongside the

Latest ROG Ally X leak points to a game-changing battery upgrade

ASUS has already teased its upcoming gaming handheld, the ROG Ally X, and its June 2 release date. But, thanks to a juicy leak from VideoCardz, its secrets have now been spilled. Hold onto your joysticks because this handheld console is packing some serious upgrades that’ll leave you saying “GG” to your old gaming rig.

While not a complete generational leap, the Ally X is a strategic upgrade that directly addresses the pain points of its predecessor, promising a truly enhanced handheld gaming e

Samsung's Galaxy Buds 3 could be going for an AirPods-like design

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have carved a comfortable niche in the wireless earbud market thanks to their audio quality and integration with Samsung’s ecosystem. But as someone who has personally struggled with the in-ear fit of bulkier stemless designs, I’m not alone in finding them less than ideal for smaller ears. However, a major design change could be on the horizon.

According to a report by The Chosun, Samsung is set to introduce a stem to the Galaxy Buds 3, moving away from the kidney bean sha

Say cheese, AI! WhatsApp is testing an AI-generated profile picture feature

It seems like major tech companies are racing to inject their version of generative AI into every corner of our lives. We have AI that can write for us, take our calls for us, plan our trips for us, and who knows what else. Now, Meta’s AI wants to take on the last bastion of human expression we thought was safe from the AI takeover — our profile pictures.

This news comes courtesy of WABetaInfo, who found the feature in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android ( Forget painstakingly sele

Galaxy Z Fold 6 could ditch S Pen support for a slimmer design

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is shaping up to be a truly enigmatic device. There have been rumors of it just being another incremental upgrade, and there have been talks about a more powerful “Ultra” or affordable “FE” model launching as well.

A recent tweet from industry insider Ross Young has added another layer of intrigue to the story. Young suggests the possibility of a “Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim” launching in Q4 2024, boasting a larger display than the standard Fold 6 and a slimmer profile.

The Q4 202

Nothing Phone 3 leak: Did they just copy the iPhone 16 before it even exists?

It’s been almost a year since Nothing launched the Nothing Phone 2, so naturally, we are expecting news about the Nothing Phone 3 soon. Recently, Nothing CEO Carl Pei tweeted a series of photos showcasing updates to the Nothing OS user interface. While the software changes were interesting in their own right, the folks over at Beebom were quick to spot that the phone featured in Pei’s photos could very well be the Nothing Phone 3.

The Phone 1, Phone 2, and the more recent Phone 2a all sport thr

These upcoming phones promise to bring an iconic French studio’s photography expertise

At VivaTech, a major European tech event, HONOR announced the launch date for its upcoming HONOR 200 series phones and its plans to integrate generative AI into the Magic OS software. The company also revealed a collaboration with the prestigious Harcourt Studio for the HONOR 200 series.

For those unfamiliar, Studio Harcourt is a Parisian photography studio renowned for its iconic black-and-white portraits, characterized by dramatic lighting and an air of mystery. Now, HONOR claims to have dist

HONOR announces ambitious AI plans for Magic OS 8.0

Alongside details about the upcoming HONOR 200 series, HONOR has unveiled its ambitious vision for the future, centering on on-device AI and its integration into the Magic OS software.

At VivaTech, a major European tech event, the company emphasized its commitment to leveraging AI’s personalization and privacy features, introducing a “4-Layer AI Architecture” designed to embed AI capabilities at every level of the user experience.

HONOR stressed that Magic OS 8.0 is the industry’s first intent

Truecaller's AI assistant can now clone your voice to answer calls

Truecaller, the popular dialer and spam-blocking app, has introduced a significant upgrade to its AI Assistant feature. The app now allows paid users to create a digital clone of their voice to handle incoming calls. This innovative yet mildly discomforting development results from Truecaller’s collaboration with Microsoft and utilizes the new Personal Voice technology from Azure AI Speech.

Truecaller’s AI Assistant, initially launched in September 2022, boasts an array of AI-driven capabilitie

Poll: Tell us how you feel about T-Mobile's price hikes

As previously rumored, T-Mobile has now confirmed a price hike for many of its legacy customers. While the company hasn’t officially specified all affected plans, as of now, it’s known that the increase will impact those on Simple Choice, ONE, and some Magenta plans, as well as potentially older plans, including some from Sprint.

Affected customers are receiving text messages notifying them of the $5 increase per voice line and $2 increase per connected device line, effective June 5. If you’re

Latest Google Pay updates aim to simplify your online shopping and checkout experience

Google has announced a series of updates to its online payment platform, Google Pay. This is not to be confused with the Google Pay app, which is used for peer-to-peer payments and is being phased out in the US in June. Both are separate from Google Wallet, a digital storage solution for various credentials. I know; Google *needs* a lesson in intuitive naming.

Among the most notable changes is a new feature that displays relevant credit card benefits during checkout. This feature is currently r

Report reveals Samsung's chip choice for its next-gen foldables, and we're thrilled

Samsung is reportedly continuing its tradition of using a single chipset for its upcoming foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6. The company often resorts to a dual-chip strategy for its flagship Galaxy S series, where it has typically used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors in North America and its own Exynos chips in other regions.

Previous rumors had hinted at the possibility of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 coming with the Exynos 2400 chipset in certain markets, similar to the s

Google Search's AI Overviews are somehow about to get even worse

Google has already rolled out AI-powered search results, known as AI Overviews or Search Generative Experience (SGE), to all users in the United States. SGE aims to provide direct answers and summaries to search queries, potentially changing how users find information online. And now, Google is adding ads to it.

With SGE, Google’s AI condenses relevant information, eliminating the need for users to visit external links. While the convenience of immediate answers is a clear advantage, there are

Free Magic Editor is now arriving on older Pixel phones

Google is making its AI-powered photo editing tools available to a much wider audience. Initially restricted to Pixel 8 series owners and paying Google One subscribers, features like Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, and Unblur are now being rolled out to a broader user base.

This change was initially announced last month, with Google stating the rollout would begin on May 15. Now, evidence of this rollout is emerging, with a Reddit thread (h/t: 9to5Google) surfacing in which many Pixel 7 and Pixel 6

"Shocked and angered": Scarlett Johansson slams OpenAI over ChatGPT voice

OpenAI made news last week when it demonstrated its updated ChatGPT-4o model, which could talk, laugh, and react like a human. However, many users immediately noticed that the model reminded them of an *actual* human, Scarlett Johansson.

In a surprising turn of events, Scarlett Johansson has now publicly accused OpenAI of using a voice eerily similar to hers for one of its ChatGPT-4o voices, “Sky.”

The issue began when last week’s ChatGPT demo used an AI voice that was quickly compared to Joha

OpenAI pauses a ChatGPT voice after Scarlett Johansson comparisons

OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, has decided to temporarily remove one of its voices, known as “Sky,” following comparisons to actress Scarlett Johansson. The decision comes after some users noted similarities between Sky and Johansson’s voice, particularly her role as an AI assistant in the movie “Her.”

OpenAI clarified that Sky is not intended to imitate any specific celebrity and is actually the voice of a professional actress. The company emphasized its commitment

Copilot Plus PCs are here: Every device announced so far

Features like Recall, Cocreator, and Live Captions illustrate the potential of this on-device AI. Recall, for instance, aims to solve the universal frustration of searching for files or information that you vaguely remember. By leveraging your personal semantic index built and stored entirely on your device, Recall allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for, like having a photographic memory for your PC usage.

Cocreator could transform image creation and editing by combining your ink st

Samsung launches Galaxy Book 4 Edge, bringing Galaxy AI to its laptops

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Book 4 Edge, a new laptop model positioned as its first next-generation AI PC. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chipset, promising up to 45 TOPS of NPU performance for seamless on-device AI processing.

The launch followed Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Copilot Plus PC platform, an ambitious initiative aimed at integrating AI capabilities directly into the core functions of Windows PCs. Samsung, along with other major PC manufactu

Samsung's Snapdragon-powered Galaxy Book 4 Edge series leaks

After months of anticipation and speculation, we are nearing the arrival of Snapdragon X Elite-powered laptops. Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Book 4 series of laptops, and it seems like the company is gearing up to add a couple of new Snapdragon-powered models to the lineup.

This new series, reportedly called Galaxy Book 4 Edge, is expected to feature three new products, all running on Qualcomm silicon. However, the WinFuture report focuses on two specific models: a 14-inch variant, name

Forget the iPhone 16, this leak reveals Apple's most exciting iPhone in years

The iPhone 16 series launch is still a few months away, but whispers of a groundbreaking 2025 iPhone could already be stealing the spotlight from Apple’s 2024 launches. A recent report from The Information, citing sources directly involved in the project, reveals that Apple is actively developing a radically thinner iPhone model.

While we had previously reported about a slim variant joining the iPhone 17 lineup, the latest report suggests a more ambitious vision. This ultra-thin iPhone, code-na
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